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Unforgattable EuroCafe in Tel Aviv 2019!

Live Performances of Eurovision Stars

Shiri Maimon performing live at the EuroCafe 2019 in Tel Aviv.

Why choose OGAE Israel?

Cause we celebrate Eurovision Song Contest all year long. We have events throughout the year for our members that are all about the contest.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to spread out the love for the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel and to provide all the necesary information needed about the contest to everyone who needs it.

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What you get when you join us?

Events with the Eurovision Song Contest theme throughout the year that include: Parties, Karaoke, etc.

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OGAE Israel - The HOME for Eurovision Song Contest Fans in Israel.

Feker Libi

OGAE Israel members version for Eden Elene Entry for Eruovision 2020!